The legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone. Each person deserves a competent advocate to help them find the answers they are looking for and to create the solutions they need. Don't let yourself get buried in details, let us bring order to chaos. Find out how our services can help you get on the path to healing and moving on with your life in a positive direction while being certain to protect your legal rights.  

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definition:   ho·lis·tic   /hōˈlistik/   - adjective;  PHILOSOPHY

"characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole."

Holistic Law is an emerging legal concept that views the law as a healing profession which serves people and families with dignity as they work towards a peaceful resolution. Our clients are looking for alternatives to expensive and stressful legal battles. Holistic Law seeks to resolve issues via a mediated paradigm which promotes sustainable solutions, focusing on the future of the children involved and the welfare of both sides to the equation.  The ultimate goal is to achieve balance and true justice.  When people can mediate or settle their own disputes without judicial intervention, the power over their lives remains in their own hands.  The Holistic Law approach utilizes vigorous courtroom advocacy when settlement efforts are not feasible to protect rights. 

​​family law, child custody, Guardian ad litem

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